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Twisted River

Twisted River

Siobhán Macdonald
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Trade Paperback - Used

Fiction, Suspense

Kate and Mannix O'Brien live with their two children in a quirky house overlooking the Curragower Falls on the Shannon River in Limerick - a city where the haves and have-nots live side by side. Meanwhile, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the Harveys own a fashionable brownstone on Riverside Drive. For their family vacations this year, they've both booked in for a house-swap - and it's one they will never forget. When Oscar Harvey arrives at the O'Briens' house in Limerick with his family, and opens the trunk of the car his hosts have loaned him, he finds inside the body of a woman - And from this shocking beginning the story spools back to the roots of the house swap, and takes the reader on a gripping journey that never lets up.