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Under Cold Stone

Under Cold Stone

Vicki Delany
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Trade Paperback - Used

Mystery, Canadian

Passionate environmentalist, old-time hippy Lucky Smith and Chief Constable of Trafalgar, British Columbia Paul Keller are an unlikely couple. Their vacation to the Rocky Mountains is a chance to explore their fledging late-in-life relationship. But trouble interferes when the pair run into Paul's estranged son, Matt.

This chance encounter soon becomes a quagmire of trouble when a frantic Matt calls his father for help. Lucky and Paul rush to his aid to find a body, but no Matt. All signs indicate that Matt--an experienced wilderness adventurer--has escaped into the backcountry. To RCMP Sergeant Eddie Blechta, running is all the proof of guilt he needs.

Lucky's daughter, Constable Molly Smith of the Trafalgar City Police, rushes to offer her mother support. Though she has no intention of meddling in the investigation, when Matt's girlfriend, Tracey, asks for her help, Molly Smith finds herself deep in the case. Can they find Matt and clear his name?